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Comment: Actually its constant

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Actually its constant

Actually its constant flooding of the grow beds that most likely prevent mycelia from fruiting. But bet you could put an inoculated stump in the grow bed and it might work. I may experiment with that in the future.

Minerialization can be fine in AP system if the fish waste is broken down properly. Soil is not used rock or expanded clay balls is the medium used mostly. The main thing needed is the bacteria that turns the ammonia into nitrates for plant uptake. Worms in the grow beds also help break down the solids for better mineralization and plant uptake.

Plus you can always add what is low if need be just like any garden. Just like any gardening there is a learning curve at first but its not rocket science...

Interesting business model you are suggesting there. I am putting in some small hugelkultur beds this year I already have a small food forest on a city lot. Will be looking for acreage also to do something Sepp Holzer style along with AP for year round fresh produce...

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