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Here's my list:

Get exotic, buy a world map and a set of darts, cook from whatever region you hit with the dart.

Good spices to try: Fresh ginger root, tumeric, fresh ground coriander, fresh diced garlic, cayenne pepper, cumin, among others. Buy a mortar & pestle if you need to.

Drink red wine with some of the dishes, have an "exotic food night" twice a week or so.

Make sure to have at least one day a month where you both completely remove yourself from your normal environment.

I think there are some types of old fashioned root beers that still contain st johns wort.

Encourage her to volunteer in the local community if possible.

Have a wild night where you hit a comedy bar and have a few too many. Sometimes laughter can be a great medicine. Comedy on TV is NOT a substitute.

Use surprise and spontaneity occasionally.

Try some new tricks in the bedroom. (roleplay perhaps?)

Check your air quality, house mold, physical possibilities.

There are so many factors governing human health, keep educating yourself!