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Funny thing is

for most of my life I stayed away from produce made in other countries due to the "fact" that USA had better standards and had a "superior" product. If it came from Mexico, Chile, etc., and it was the only option at the time, I simply would not buy it.

Fast forward to a few years ago when I started learning about the USDA/FDA, due to cancer research, vaccines, GMO's, and now chemtrails,.....
Well now all I can say is that I've lost COMPLETE and total faith in that my "superior" government was not like the rest. My country was no longer looking out for MY best interest and health, but simply looking for profit - regardless at the cost(Americans health/Agenda 21). It's been part of my "waking up", and having been a proud patriot, it was a very hard pill to swallow.

The irony is that it has turned a consumer into someone that now LOOKS for imported produce and stays away from USA made products. My thinking is that I'd rather "be able" to wash away any natural contaminants, than eat something that's been modified/processed/poisoned that can't "simply be washed away". I try to buy at farmer's markets, but other than taking the business's word for it, even that's not guaranteed GMO free.