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Comment: "We no longer fear you. We no longer believe you.

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"We no longer fear you. We no longer believe you.

Your manufactured prosperity may be great now but when it all comes crashing down in front of you and you control nothing you will have a purpose. You will spend the rest of your lives going door to door to every citizen of this nation and asking or begging each individual for forgiveness.

Your ancestors will come to know you as the generation that held society back from evolving into something greater than the world has ever known.

It was you who were so focused on power and greed that you let our people starve while you flew to Paris and spent $500,000 of OUR hard earned money on a hotel room for one night.

It was you who were so focused on yourself and your greedy agenda that you let millions of people on earth starve while you gave OUR money to countries capable of supporting themselves.

You forced what little we had out of our hands so you could play your little games of risk, chess and battleship only to see the winner stand on top of a pile of dead bloody pawns and beat their chest to yell "I am the strongest and most noble asshole out of all the other assholes on this planet."