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I'm not generating much

in the way of savings these days so it's not much of an issue
personally. Japanese people tend to keep a lot of cash on
hand (the older ones, anyway) and have their savings in
the postal banking system or generic bank accounts.

I imagine the wealthier ones have assets offshore, precious
metals and such but everyday Japanese don't seem to be
interested or active purchasers of gold, etc.

Personally, tangible stuff like tools, land, silver and other metals, SHTF
gear and that sort of thing look like the way to go - what surpluses I do
manage tend to go to stuff like that.

True story:

Talking to a Japanese woman(60's) about the possibility of inflation
and whether buying gold or silver would be a worthwhile
investment/hedge. She tells me she invested in a dollar-
denominated fund through her bank and had lost money.
She was still in the fund so I asked why she stayed in. Basically,
she thought it was better to stay in and hopefully somehow make up
the loss. Asked why she didn't buy gold or silver she said
it didn't seem safe...