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Thank you for your honest tone and questions. I definitely don't see you as arguing. i am interested in genuine conversation here, while FreedomsReigning seems only interested in advancing his conspiracy theory that us "crazy ancaps" are part of a secret plot to send the world into chaos, start our own mafia groups and drink the blood of infants.

Perhaps I should have phrased that better, as no not all Austrian Economists are anarchists. Von Mises for example was certainly a minarchist and saw the need for a small State for the purposes of law an d order .I'd say this is the main difference between small government / Constitutional minarchists and the anarchists or anarcho-capitalists, who feel that even law and order can be provided by the free market.

Austrian economists is simply a social science which studies human interaction, so really an Austrian economist could hold any political philosophy. One could understand Austrian economics for example, but still advocate communism. This person would realize that communism was not economically wise but still believe philosophically that state control of the means of production is appropriate.

What I meant from my comment was the Rothbard used logical deductions from the teachings of Mises and the Austrian economists, and applied those same exact principles to the law and order as well. Rothbard and other anarcho-capitalist economists believe that, just like with food, housing, health care and everything else, the free market could best supply the institutions of law and order.

I have written a short series of articles attempting to introduce these concepts if you are interested.
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