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Thank you for your replies

I am getting ready to look at the articles you linked above. This is one thing that I have been concerned about:

There is a lot of discontent, and that for good reason. I think that communists will use whatever means to gain control. It seems like alot of the history I have learned recently anarchist and communists fight the establishment together and then the communists take charge because they do have a centralized goal in mind and are ruthless and will slaughter anyone that gets in the way...even those who help bring them to power. They want no rival to their power and will tolerate none.

It seems to me that people go from a bad situation with their current government to a worse situation after they try to liberate themselves because the not so bad government is what keeps a worse government at bay. However that not so bad government may be the one ushering in a communist government in our case.

It seems to me right now our government is promising alot of people social welfare and will not be able to deliver. Those people who are not really anything but social program recipients will rise up in chaos and along with well meaning anarchists and the nefarious communists cause a revolution and the communists will come out on top. It all a part of a communist executed plan. Spain was divided and the nationalists ended up taking up with the fascists to get rid of the anarchist and communist the people rose up against the current political power. I know that was all simplistic. I have only been looking at history and politics for the last year after I found the Daily Paul.