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It's an info-war right?

So don't the people need a "general" vs the govts "general" which is Janet Napolitano? She is the chief disinformation warrior. We need someone to say ATTACK HERE: (Metaphorically speaking of course) and the people use truth or expose lies in strategic and calculated ways. There would also then be a heirarchy in our ranks and people can choose to be in the REAL info-war or NOT.

Our forces are STRONG. Our organization SUCKS. This "grass roots de-centralized" stuff can keep going on... but I think it's by and large run it's course. Paper ballots in public view eliminates fraud.

We can still govern ourselves without having to be violent with their corporate-regulatory-confiscatory-agency-style-"govt" - do we still have a right to assemble and call these positions whatever we want? Our intent is clear: Non-violent resistance to tyranny.

WHO OPPOSES THAT? Let them come out of the woodwork and expose themselves.