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have done extensive research

I am a grandmother to 15-I have 4 years of collected links-info-books
and 7 of my own grandchildren to run my own study.
Message me I will give you all the data links...

2 of the 7 ages 3 1/2 to 1 year have never been vaccinated, not one shot at birth. The other 5 have been.
The outcome is INCREDIBLE
the 2 unvac have NEVER NEVER had a cold, flu, runny nose, they don't have allergies nothing and have never had a prescription or over the counter drug. The only time they went to the DR. was there 6 wk checkup with their mother, cause she had hers.
The 5 vac have had-flu, colds, tubes in ears, RSV, antibiotics monthly, colic, allergies, tests run, xrays and this list goes on.

the 2 unvac are also all organic, no chemicals in the house, are exposed routinely to persons with colds and flu to build up their immune.