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What's so funny about you

I'm not interested in using less water.

I have no water meter. Why am I worried about water? I'm not.. well, I do have a water tank that's big enough I'm not worried about how much water..

Maybe what's easier to you is not what's easier to me? Flushing 50 gals about every ten days is pretty easy, but you can beat that.. I work my system 3 hours a month.. how many hours to you put into your system?

Yes, there are hundreds of YouTubes where people have sucessful aquaponic systems.. and there are thousands that failed that never get on YouTube.. the troubleshooting link shows you where the failures are, and since you are an instructure, I thought you might find it helpful to answering people's questions.. so it can be a joke to you, because you're selling pumps for some hydoponic company that got into auaponics (or maybe you didn't get that part of your "job")? great hobby. Would I trust my life on it? No. But by all means,, you go ahead.

Why not post us YoTubes of your success.. show us your abundant produce.. not someone's elses.