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Apply for everything. Think about how much of your paycheck goes to taxes. In fact ALL the taxes you pay probably add up to at least half of what you earn. If you own a car you pay several taxes every year, your registration, inspection sticker, driver's license, gasoline/diesel. Not to mention you pay taxes on everything you buy. In SA,TX the sales tax on everything you purchase is 8% (unless you're on foodstamps in which case you don't pay taxes on food). You pay a tax on every service you buy, from haircuts to home improvements. In TX again the tax is 8% (in San Antonio). Not to mention alot things you buy have already been taxed at least once before you purchase them. EVERYONE pays taxes including poor people. They might not pay income tax but they still get taxed for ss, medicare etc. You pay taxes on your property every year, taxes on your phone bill, your cable, internet etc. I could go on but the bottom line is that it's our money anyway so hell yeah get as much as you can as often as you can without regrets.