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Comment: so this is my beef with aquaponics

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so this is my beef with aquaponics

So I am a farmer and trained permaculture designer. I have seen many systems, designed systems, and removed faulty ones. I personally believe in using appropriate tech to solve problems. I also believe anyone can and should do what works for them. That said, I also am an avid fisherman, both fresh and saltwater. The intense pressure to supply the growing fish farm industry is causing a mass depletion of feedstock around the globe, affecting entire populations of larger species, like tuna, cod, haddock, halibut, and salmon. There are many folks out there feeding fish to fish, only peletized. I have seen one system work with fish food produced on site. They raised mealworms, freshwater shrimp, red wigglers in a prefilter bed, and fed ground fishmeal they made from waste from the docks. They were starting with duckweed and other aquatic plants for food as well. Its important to me to look at the consequences of the entire system, whatever it may be. Check out where your pellets come from, cause the cod are going hungry over here! Peace

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