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Comment: Actually most of the stuff on here is wasted talk.

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Actually most of the stuff on here is wasted talk.

It has value in making all aware that they are part of a POTENTIAL movement; but it does not leas anywhere fast enuf.

But, we are staring war 3 in the face.

This discussion pales before what your mil. has done to future generations of children in Iraq; but their masters are the people who write the laws your congress is paid to sign for without reading; and theirs are the bankers and their buddies.

And that pales before war 3 we are staring at.

The best potential for arresting that is the libertarian movement in your country. Problem is, they allow themselves to be dispersed and will almost impossibly have a leader. You let the PTB disperse you from a leader by showing where he opines on some factor like abortion or consideration of homosexuals or some other emotional issue in a way that will divide you. These have importance but are secondary to things like toppling the Fed, having congress read the laws they sign, staying within a budget, fighting only declared wars, enforcing the 4 th amendment, and such -- which you could do if you aligned yourselves.

The PTB disperse you easily and you refuse steadfastly to nominate 5 or 10 goals that could stop the rot and save the planet; and to get behind a leader who will push those thru -- no matter what he or you think about the secondary issues. You would rather have the luxury of "free thinking" than enforce a handful of violated basics by having a leader.

So you have a status quo that is worsening by the month; and the planet's best resource is nullified by the PTB and so war 3 creeps closer weekly.