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Comment: why use ups and fedex?

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why use ups and fedex?

Surely there are other companies or DIY.

We have seen how they handle parcels/items/gifts, you see it in the malls and streets. MOREOVER, this is why outsourcing is really stupid at times. I personally would not have trust in getting these companies to deliver. Find pharmacies closer by or get your butt out there or get a family member or neighbor to get you something on their way out and do likewise. That is how we did it. There was as not as much need for something like ups before. Can you imagine their insurance costs? lol

Their drivers go like madmen, I have seen them in the wee hours tractor trailers and all. Do people really need to buy so much junk? I have yet to buy anything on the web and have no desire to do so. If I want to return something I want to do it that day and deal with the vendor or manufacturer person to person.