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Comment: With the limited information the government has allowed

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With the limited information the government has allowed

to become public, my best guess is that the plane was shot down BUT, we are deprived of vital information that could help confirm what really happened. I'm more comfortable stating that flight 93 did not crash directly into the ground, creating that hole, in Shanksville, PA. There are other possibilities besides the plane being shot down but that type of speculation will only muddy the waters at this point.

I'm also convinced that flight 77 did NOT hit the pentagon but there is a persistent group of people (many that I agree with on virtually every other aspect of 9/11) who contend flight 77 DID hit the pentagon. I've got no agenda for wanting flight 77 to hit or not hit the pentagon...I just do NOT see anywhere near enough evidence that a 747 hit the pentagon.

I worked in the guided weapons evaluation facility on a local military installation here in NW Florida from 2000-2010. I held a top secret clearance and I saw drones and global hawks up close and personal. There is no question that the MIC had/has the ability to make a UAV of any shape and size which could easily be painted to look however they choose.

All I want is the truth...because I've been awake a long time and I can handle the truth! :-)