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Comment: The money you paid to Soc. Security is gone

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The money you paid to Soc. Security is gone

The Federal Government used your premiums to offset deficit spending over the past 20 years. The money was blown, and in its' place is an IOU from the Federal Government to pay back Social Security, with interest, out of future income tax revenues from the next generation of workers.

It seems to me that taking Social Security is an immoral act. But like most immoral acts, there are varying degrees. It is certainly understandable when a starving person takes food from a grocery store if that is the only means of sustaining life...but it doesn't make the act morally right, just forgiveable, versus the person who steals food though they are capable of paying, which is unforgiveable. In neither case, however, is it moral to steal. It's just that one is worse than the other.

The same is true with Social Security: if you need it to live, as most seniors do, then it is understandable and human compassion says we must not put them on the same moral plane as one who takes Social Security despite having sufficient resources to live. Both acts are an unfair burden to others' lives. But the need of one tempers the moral outrageousness of the act, whereas the non-need of the other has no compassionate basis.

That being said, I can see Social Security payments in my future. But I don't see it as my 'right'. I have an obligation to avoid that situation if at all possible, or to delay it as long as possible, before succumbing to the immoral act of dependency.