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"States are supposed to be

"States are supposed to be sovereign."
The States are sovereign. The Federal Government only has authority in the powers granted under the Constitution under Article 1, and then additionally it has superior authority over United States Citizens as granted in the 14th Amendment. It should be noted that all of the Several States' officials are required to be United States Citizens...ANY statute made by the Federal Government applies to US citizens, and is superior to any conflicting States' statute, as was the very intent of the 14th Amendment's "Civil Rights". If the Federal government says that "the states must..." then the States' officals, as US citizens, are bound to comply with such declarations.

If you are not a US citizen, then the Federal Statutes do not apply to you. You have no "privileges and immunities" of the 14th Amendment citizenship, neither do you have any of the burdens associated with such citizenship...

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