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Comment: Well first off, I completely

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Well first off, I completely

Well first off, I completely respect your point of view. You are simply telling your opinion from the information you have considered, and that's all I expect anyone to do. I think we should be able to have a discussion on our different opinions of what happened on 9/11 here on the DailyPaul, aren't we all just trying to figure out the truth.

On this I was asking if you thought it was shot down because then you would acknowledge that this was in fact a hijacked airplane. That's one of my problems with the theory it wasn't the alleged planes that hit the Pentagon or the WTC. There's not an answer for what "really" happened to the actual planes in that theory, not any evidence of their existence anywhere else to my knowledge. So if you think this was a hijacked airplane that was shot down then you have to have come to some belief about what "really" happened to the other hijacked planes if you don't believe they hit the WTC towers and the Pentagon.

I don't have my mind made up either way on flt 93, I believe it could have been shot down. Not enough evidence to prove either way for me. I do definitely believe it is one of the two that happened though, it crashed from them rushing the cockpit or it was shot down.