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Comment: Decent call -- double-edged sword, though

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Decent call -- double-edged sword, though

I'm guessing you saw "No" recently. Me too.

Think about the scams that get disseminated in the form of humor. The Daily Show, for example, or scumbag Kesey and the "Merry Pranksters." Or how about the damage to civilization that Lorne "Lucius" Michaels has caused?

Think about this as well: who would want to emulate "...we're all cabalists now" Madonna, that whore-of-babylon replacement for "Seven Year Itch" funny girl Marylin Monroe?

Even George Carlin was mostly clueless about Political Economy. Hicks? Please. Letterman & Leno, for their part, have never been anything other than NWO stooges.

"But Ron Paul appeared on the show." Yeah, connect the dots.

That "rainbow" campaign in Chile was no spontaneous marketing inspiration. Deliberate and scripted programming, complete with endorsements from the day's most outspoken Hollywood luciferians. Research "rainbow bridge" and then think about how that semiotic signal has been planted into all sorts of "modern movements" of the PC variety.

Insidious NWO programming through humor. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be countered with humor, of course.