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Comment: Drudge has one of the articles up on his page

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Drudge has one of the articles up on his page

Headline is 'Rumor Wildfire!'

An Arab follower gives the assassin's name:عاجل : اصابة بشار الاسد بطلق ناري من ضابط ايراني اسمه مهدي اليعقوبي.

Translated: URGENT: Bashar al-Assad injury shot of an Iranian officer named Mehdi al-Yacoubi

Lebanese paper:

Google translate---Rumor started with a Hebrew language newspaper

Quoting site "Rotter" Hebrew: Bashar's bodyguards and Iranian officer "Mahdi al-Yacoubi" Shoot Bashar al-Assad was transferred Assad Shami Alielmschwi not know his condition.
And was one of the poles of the Syrian National Council said in an interview with Al-Arabiya from targeting the convoy of Assad yesterday and his injury.
Referred recalled that wave a massive popular has launched against the Syrian regime since Tuesday 15 March / March 2011 and still crane slogans against repression, corruption and suppression of freedoms and demand to drop the system used against heavy weapons and forces Shabiha according organizers in an unprecedented challenge to the rule of Bashar al-Assad and affected a wave of massive protests that erupted in the Arab world in early 2011, while the Syrian government announced that these incidents of the implementation of the militants and terrorists of their business to destabilize national security and establish an Islamic emirate in some parts of the country.

This has resulted in the suppression of this popular movement of thousands of victims, the wounded and detainees, as well as losses in the ranks of the armed forces