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Interesting article

I didn't agree with booting Ghadafi in the first place, the Libyans had the best standard of living by far in all of Africa.

But the CIA has to start arming rebels in non-aligned anti-zionist countries and stirring up the pot. As though these jihadists are any better.

And this after Ghadafi agreed to swear off nukes, even nuclear enrichment. And these same idiot pundits wonder why Iran won't swear off nuclear energy.

The Benghazi theories have a lot of questions, but no answers yet. They are not as well developed as the 9/11 theories for example. (like the controversies over building 7)

John McCain and Lindsay Graham should know better than to waste so much time on questioning Benghazi in public, if they really wanted to know the answers they aren't going to find them on the Hill.

As for Romney, he had a great first debate, and then got fixated on Benghazi by his neo-con masters. It was like he self-deported his brain and became a puppet. Even the left wing media was wondering what he was going on about - "Romney is finally beating Obama, and he goes half cocked and starts droning on and on about Benghazi...why didn't he stick to the economy?" That's about the gist of what they were saying, and it is entirely true.