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Globally we all should be

Globally, my concern with water is the pollition from Fukashima, spent WMD, pharmecuetical.. and I believe part of the cost of war is cleaning it up, IWOs he who cleans it us is who should use it, and if someone or a corporation refuses to clean up the land, they shou;ld lose the land, and I'm talking about the military bases and prisons globally.

I moved to aqn area where I knew I would have abundant water. I live in NorCal, where the state takes water for SoCal..

Besides whatever I can do politically for the globe, it is what I can do by action locally, and I'm very imvoved.. not for what is called sustainable.. why would anyone want to sustain what is broken? But rather, to thrive.. and I don't have much faith in technology like aquaponics, except for living on Mars.

I'm not accusing you of selling anything. Anyone who teaches, whether they realize it or not is selling something.