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But even worse ......once the rest of the GOP field had been cleared, Dr. Ron Paul himself refused to be a standup guy and make a clear, public, visible argument in opposition to Mitt Romney's nomination and his fitness for President.

He just said "never mind", and walked away from his own Campaign in April right at the point when he was drawing 10000+ sized crowds, and had growing momentum -- as the only alternative left in the race to Mitt Romney.

Whether he could have caught up and won or not is irrelevant. He had the rare opportunity to draw a spotlight and build and maximize the movement in a big visible way, and lead a huge faction right into the Republican Convention, and force the World to recognize his issues and a new platform.

But instead by quitting, it made it real easy for the RNC to just ignore and trample on his followers (now leaderless), and easy for the Media to return Ron Paul back into an insignificant non-entity.

The Campaign sucked, but so did Ron Paul himself.
There was no fire in his belly (unless the subject of Rick Santorum came up).

He wanted to give Mitt Romney an unimpeded path to the Nomination.
He wanted Mitt Romney to not have to face any challenge.
He wanted for himself to just go away quietly.

When it counted, he didn't stand and fight.