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Comment: Be a Paul Revere

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Be a Paul Revere

Every representative in Congress who does not vote to preserve our freedoms or votes against our freedom, should be highlighted on the Internet in every state in every way possible. Bring those who vote as a traitor to the front, in the spotlight, exposed for what they are in each state!

In your state, who has voted in a way contrary to our Constitution and Bill Of Rights? Do you know their names? Write letters to the editor in published papers and those local papers on the Internet. Write on THEIR blogs and every local information site telling of their vote. If each patriot in every state became the Paul Revere of their states, what would the impact of that ride of truth and exposure be? A concentrated effort of those in each state to spread the word would be dynamic.

Those who vote supporting bills to honor our constitution should be put in the spotlight of recognition for their acts. There has to be consequences for their actions, praise for the good and a swift kick in the rear end in public for their treason. AND, let's call it what it is, treason. When they knowingly are subverting our Constitution and Bill of Rights, what other name would fit? This is computer 'work' that everyone can do!