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Comment: What I think Billy is saying

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What I think Billy is saying

The fear and propaganda being infused into the populace becomes the very same shield that keeps our message from getting through. Facts and arguments bounce right off them because their fear tells them that things are otherwise and it's too dangerous to consider or act contrary to what they've been told. Billy wants to be able to get beyond those shields and reach those people and wants alex to be able to do so too, to a much greater degree.

Here's what I see.

I believe Billy, and many others for quite some time, have felt that although Alex has done an amazing job at waking people up through various means, he's concerned that Alex may be relying too heavily on the very same tactic being used against us. Namely fear. Of course his motives for using it are different and are for a far better purpose still Billy is trying to suggest a better way, a higher way to reach the same goals and more people without just endlessly shouting "THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE"! Sure that has it's place, and for some that's the only thing that will wake them up. A loud, fact strewn, outright verbal pummeling of truth to break those shields of fear holding people back from hearing us. The ptb say "don't go outside it's too dangerous". Alex says "the house burning down you're going to die if you don't get out"! He breaks those shields of fear with an even bigger fear. This has proven effective and has gotten a lot of people out of the house, still the majority of the people remain inside or scoff at his theatrics.

As hard as Alex tries, or anyone for that matter, to attempt to crack those shields with loud unrelenting assaults of truth it will never be enough to crack all those shields. It won't wake up the majority of the people still sleeping. It is not enough to take this to the next level. There's just too many shields, and they've become too hardened to crack.

Fighting fear with fear is not the most effective way and often times creates a new kind of shield. One that can potentially harbor new and just as dangerous and irrational fears that can mislead, cloud vision and distort judgement as we unfortunately see some in the liberty community have fallen victim to. I believe this is what Billy Corgan was trying to warn AJ against, though in a much more eloquent and tactful way than bluntly saying "Quit scaring people Alex! Reach them spiritually. Help them understand. "

During this whole interview Alex, to his credit, seemed to sincerely try to understand and follow what Billy was trying to get at but I don't think it ever really clicked in Alex's mind. Perhaps Billy should have been more blunt about it. It seemed every time Billy would use an example of something bad going on, to illustrate a point, Alex would jump on the example to elaborate and inform the people in more detail the extent of evil the ptb were perpetrating, completely missing the point Billy was trying to make, further fanning the flames of fear. Billy repeatedly had to bring Alex back to point after every tangent. The tangents just seemed almost reflexive of Alex. He couldnt quite control it. Alex would eventually catch himself later on and immediately defer back to Billy whenever this happened. Speaking of tangents back to point. What Billy was saying.

Billy was trying to get Alex to consider a different approach to these issues than he normally uses and to seek out other's perspective both spiritual and historical in order to to combat these timeless evils and reach a wider audience.

Perhaps Alex did understand what Billy was getting at but didn't quite know how to go about it. He asked him several times,"ok, what do I do then? I'll give you the time to speak, please tell me". To be honest I don't think Billy ever gave him that answer but he did point him in the right direction.

What I felt his answer was:
You can't break all these shields of fear with fear. You have to go through them, and convince the people to drop the shields of their own accord. The only way to do that is spiritually. Or in other words you must go to where they are spiritually, mentally, emotionally. Physically to if you can too. You must find out what makes them afraid and why it makes them afraid. Understand them. Dont just tell them they are wrong. No one likes to be told they're wrong or that their fears and actions are silly, unfounded or even dangerous. They want to be told how to overcome their fears and problems. They want to know how you or your ideas can help them. They want to be protected from these things and dont yet see or understand how our solutions do that. They don't want to be told they're fears don't exist or are made up by others trying to manipulate them. They feel they can't run the risk of ignoring them or acting contrary to them. It's to dangerous for them. So their fear boxes them in. That is the shield. That is our obstacle. How do you get past it? Well, here's one way:

There was a thread about this a while back. I like returning to it every now and then. It's great food for thought. It rings very true and has actually helped me get through to a lot of people. It diffuses tensions and allows people to open up to each other and really communicate. Here's the thread:

First you must sympathize, empathize and relate to their fear. Understand why they do and act the way they do because of it and
let them know you understand them and their reasons for doing things the way they do. This may sound crazy or counter intuitive but this is the genius of it. By doing this you pass through their shield. They now know that you understand them and that you are on their side and are concerned with their well being. Before you were an enemy barking at them, now you are a friend looking out for them. You are now on the inside with them. What you say won't bounce off their shield anymore because it is no longer there.

This next part is the key. Once you've both reached this understanding let them in on the secret. Tell them how you were once the same way. That you too once feared these same things, but not anymore. Tell them what you have discovered. Tell them what changed your mind. Show them how your fears were dispelled and how theirs can be too. Reassure them that you are saying these things because you have their back, you are their friend, not their enemy and how together you are stronger.

This is how you reach someone spiritually. Not with facts or arguments or who's right and who's wrong. It's about understanding people. Like in the movie Avatar when they say "I see you", they're not saying I physically see you with their eyes, they're saying I see YOU. We need to SEE those around us and they need to SEE us.

Billy had an example of this. Press secretary Gibbs. If you're like me even his name gets the blood boiling and I can just go off on him. Just the mention of his name set Alex off in the interview. Billy stopped him and tried discouraged that urge to vilify, whether he deserved it or not. He made the point that Gibbs was a
human being. With a family. Who worked to get where he was. That he was a product of and lives in the very system that we are and are up against. Not to excuse his actions and behavior but in order to SEE him. He has his reasons and his fears for why he does the things he does. He's not a monster. He's a flawed and tragic human being. He's one of the many out their caught up in and manipulated by the system even perpetuating perpetuating it, essentially out of fear. Fear that if they don't do what they're "supposed" to it will jeopardize their survival, their family, their job, their health, social standing, well their lifestyle and well being. Well, we've all been there and are there. That fear is very real and we all give in to it to varying degrees. But we have, and are in the process of overcoming these fears. We find strength in the truth and in each other. We find strength in our creator, ourselves or some form of higher power. In order to reach out to others and change them we must first be on "their team" so to speak. They are perhaps more timid than ourselves, else they would have changed on their own by now. We must reach out to them, empathize, relate, strengthen, share what we have found and help them do likewise.