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Right idea...

but you're kind of hacking at the branches:

A much better method would be to pick one evil-doer and fight that entity. For example, debate it out among ourselves to identify the most evil company out there.

The cause IMO is the ability to achieve LIMITED LIABILITY for your actions which being under the umbrella of "corporate agent" you are insured in that capacity - LEGALLY.

If I grab a small bat and hit you over the head with it I go to prison for prob 5 years. If someone who works for a private security contractor slick enough to call themselves "police whatnot" does it they are back on the job the next day after filing a bogus report. They have no fear of repercussions for their actions.

...and don't even get me started on US troop IMMUNITY against prosecution while in Iraq/Afghanistan - if those countries can afford a legal system then they should have already been able to afford a law enforcement system by now which means we wouldn't have to be there discussing the lunacy of giving anyone immunity to commit MURDER (killing an innocent ANYONE).