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Comment: I remember when Slate was free

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I remember when Slate was free

Moriah Redmon was editor and she was great.. and then Slate went through several changes, and I was eliminated when I refused to stop posting why I would never for for Al Gore. Today's Papers.

I joined the GOP because in 07/08, the campaign refused to work with me. I don't regret joining the GOP, it's actually much better than what I thought, and that could be because I'm on a Liberty committee and I like a good fight, and this is a good fight.

I really believe the rEVOLution is all about Restoring the Republic to Constitutional Government, Sound Money, Bill of Rights/ Liberty, and changing the GOP, from the inside out, and we are doing this.

I am learning from Rand, as I learned from Ron, and I think this is what is so important about their campaigns:

It's not a metter of win or lose, but how you play the game.

We are playing to win, and we understand that isn't going to be in an election or five.. the thing is, those of us who joined the GOP, we have a mission, as stated above, and we are are absolutly working on cleaning up the GOP, replacing those who are not for liberty and not giving up because of articles like Slate that would rather everyone be in one party, like communist China, to represent America's committement to Democracy, the Reoublic be damned.

Ine day I hope, all GOP committees are Liberty committees.