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Comment: ARRGHHH! Whats wrong with wanting to feel good and be happy?

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ARRGHHH! Whats wrong with wanting to feel good and be happy?

Its not Rand's or anyone elses place to say smoking weed or using any other drug is wrong. Its behavior that may be unacceptable but I've used drugs all my life and the benefits always have outweighted the few problems they have created. I smoked pot A LOT in high school and college. It did not make me not want to work. I woke up and got high and still worked without any problem. My job was just more pleasant and enjoyable while I was high. I very rarely smoke weed anymore but its only because I just don't like the way it makes me feel nowdays. There are other drugs that I do like now and I enjoy them whenever I feel like it. The one drug I DO NOT use anymore is alcohol. Talk about a drug that creates bizarre behavior...alcohol does that. But drinking and using drugs are a personal choice. I don't care if others drink booze.

People have got to get over their propagandized views on the decisions that individuals make regarding what they CHOOSE to put into their bodies. If I want to get high and sit in my back yard and enjoy soaking in some sun...WTF difference is it of ANYONE?

Again, whats wrong with wanting to feel good and be happy? People do all kinds of shit to make themselves feel good and be happy...why pick on people getting a buzz? Someone that plays tennis too much if they are overweight might die on the court. Should they be banned or put in a cage for playing tennis?