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THINKING OUT OF THE BOX...just one idea

I enjoyed this interview VERY MUCH with A.J. who really listened to what he was saying wholeheartedly. I believe he meant that Alex needs to think out of the box---by perhaps bringing different 'common Joe' people on his show with varied backgrounds.

How about this idea? Alex does a 1/2 hour to 1 hour interview once/week with someone not so famous---maybe a high calibre engineer from 911, or other citizens that work in different areas.

In other words, just normal people like me & you--but ideally, very articulate people who can add to the program with their own ideas on what we can do. Many retirees who have no jeopardy of losing a "career" would be ideal candidates certainly and would give the younger people a look UP to them and give them a better feeling that the Baby Boomers really do care. He could have them send in private video clips, so that he would have an idea how articulate they are.

It could be called a "Shoot the Breeze" hour, or something else clever. Interviewing NON-famous people would make the RICH ELITES very, very nervous, because then, all of a sudden, the Alex Jones' show would become more mainstream & not crack-pottish, as the Media paints it.

This is possible, very possible.

One more thought~~~to bring on those, too, that do have a wealth of historic information would be like TOM WOODS, or one of his more vibrant & articulate teachers!