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I was thinking maybe someone

I was thinking maybe someone whose well established, we all know ron many of us have thought, what if there is another "ron paul" under the radar, hell, im discovering more and more people every other week, im holding out on that one gem, that for some reason, no one has discovered in significant nom (to keep an eye on) would go to josh tolley, i like his take on liberty more then some, considerably more then most.........up there with ron of what little ive seen so far

If you manage to get a grassroot end representative who incapulates what i said in my first post but not limited to, then i think that would be fantastic, but i think, and i hope im wrong, it would be a bastard of a thing to lead, you need great character and a steel belief that you wont comprimise, theres a reason for the phrase

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely"

But we all here know that some people can ressist that, dont we lads.......and maidens of liberty :)

I dont think leadership is a natural state for a liberty mind.........we are all leaders, and we are all peasants, to lead so many numbers, it is a temptation for corruption, not saying corruption is the inevatable outcome, only just that it is a possibility, and in my liberty mind that is enough, i dont think i personally would be built to lead, it ........?scares voluntarily lead, is the understanding of how much you must care to make a change to RISK absolute power

Anyway, best wishes for this cause, may not happen immediatly, but you never know, in future it may, and whose to say you were not a part of it

No doubt your not the first to bring this up, no doubt you will not be the last, but if something should ever come of it, i personally in my heart if not by post, would say a thankyou.......

You hear that thankyou on the wind.......thats me :)