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Regarding a "spiritual" OUT OF THE BOX thought

Alex could also bring on his show a few religious patriots---a Protestant Minister one time, a Protestant regular patriot another time, a Catholic patriotic priest or lay person one time, a devout Catholic regular person (they had a Catholics for Ron Paul website), and a Rabbi patriot, too, at another time.

Bringing a combination of regular & articulate people (common Joe's) at one time, then, bringing the ministers, priests, rabbis, and even a muslim imam on at another time (interview). Granted, I know Alex doesn't like the Catholic Church, but we ARE staunch Catholics, and we know some of the things he's said are not true at all, and it would give him a chance to really discuss some things, as an example!! :)

Well, these are just ideas for a "PATRIOTIC HOUR".

Just food for thought-----to bring a spiritually uplifting part to the program!