Comment: I honestly don't understand why people don't want electronic

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I honestly don't understand why people don't want electronic

I honestly don't understand why people don't want electronic voting. Do they really believe the hype that they can't be made secure?

Electronic voting is inevitable. That's a fact with the only question being will it happen next year or next century.

Electronic voting makes the entire process much easier and instantaneous. Just look at the ease with which it's used in other venues and how the results are displayed in real time.

The fears that people have of it being gamed and manipulated are MUCH EASIER to solve than those with paper votes or any other system. This is a fact and it's indisputable. If you don't believe me, just try to give me the original numbers I multiplied when all I gave you was the answer. It can't be done. There are 100% guaranteed ways to overcome every concern while giving every person an equal voice and maintaining both privacy and accountability.

Since it's so much cheaper (virtually free in political terms), it's now a process by which the people could re-assert their voice in numerous other matters. Think of recalls, referendums, petitions, not just elections. Wouldn't the people benefit from a political process where the masses could easily be much more involved?

So if we created a system that was completely transparent and was proven to have all the securities and features desired, why couldn't we simply propose that it be used instead of these half-asked solutions? When our opponents' fears and critiques are all successfully quelled, we will be left with the support of a vast majority of the people because everyone except TPTB want fairer elections.