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Comment: how'd you jump to this conclusion?

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how'd you jump to this conclusion?

how do you reach this conclusion from that article? looks to me that Ginsburg brought those papers over to Rand Paul's staffer angrily, accusing it of being "Rand's people" trying to place Ron's name into nomination. nothing indicates that Rand's staff had anything to do with stopping the papers from being submitted, it is very clear that the GOP establishment was angry about the papers being submitted and Ginsburg was directing his anger at Rand Paul's staff as if it was their fault, as if they had something to do with it.

the GOP establishment didn't require Rand Paul's staff to ignore those papers. they didn't require anyone, they just did it, they just ignored it. obviously Rand and his staff didn't expect Ron's name to be put up for nomination, Ron's official campaign didn't expect it to happen either (it was dedicated delegates that made that happen on a grassroots level, not a top-down strategy)... but there is nothing in this account that indicates to me that Rand Paul's staff had anything to do with it one way or another, except to say that Ginsburg and the GOP establishment identified him and his staff as being associated with the Ron Paul folks and therefore directed their anger over the nomination papers at them.