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Let me put it this way

Did you or do you support Ron Paul?

Why? What did he accomplish in politics other than to have the Republicans and Democrats dismiss him?

If you did support Ron then there really is no intelligent reason not to support Rand at least on an issue or two. Rand might actually get one of his bills passed, unlike Ron.

Based on your comments though, I'd have to assume that you didn't support Ron either, because you make it quite clear that politics is a waste of time. So then I'll ask you, why are you even here? My bother to dissuade people from supporting Rand?

Why not use your efforts do do something else in SUPPORT of liberty, if you even care about liberty at all.

Seriously, why are people like you even on the DP? THE DAILY PAUL, named after Ron Paul, the father and teacher of the man you are dismissing.

Go ahead and complain, but that means he's doing something wrong, so what is it that he's doing wrong?