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Comment: If Rand's staff helped stop the nomination...

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If Rand's staff helped stop the nomination...

I would have to assume that it would be with Ron's wishes. From April 2012 on, Dr. Paul avoided the opportunity to have any direct confrontation with the Republican Party. Many of his delegates were ready to fight- even in the face of certain defeat, to make their point. But, with the exception of some general statements about the corruption of the primary process, Ron was publicly silent.

It was horribly depressing at the time. It's tough to say if it had more to do with Rand's future or Ron's wishes. But for all the speaking out Ron was willing to do, he's always been a humble, conservative gentlemen- not the rebel-leader-type. I'm not so sure that Rand would have endorsed Gingrich or Santorum, had one of them won the nomination. I think that Ron and Rand felt like they had a decent enough relationship with Romney, and some influence in the administration had Mittens won (I know, unlikely- but it's always nice to believe).

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