Comment: Our Republic is Doomed?

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Our Republic is Doomed?

Where did you get the idea that the American Empire, United States, Inc. was a republic? You must be reading the constitution or federalist papers. I've read Zane Grey but I don't think I live in the wild west. Man, how many times have I read that here on DP, “were not a democracy, we're a republic.” Holy smokes...

We're a Witches Brew; a semi-democracy of manufactured consent with privatized profits, socialized losses, and plundered institutions. All this and more is morphing into a communo-fascist machinery that is about to stand up and walk on its own. First we need to realize that we've been Crisscrossing the Rubicon for decades – no, longer. Welcome to Blissloss. Then we need to stop feeding this beast and start feeding ourselves. Jettison these change-the-world delusions of grandeur and start growing food...

Jane Doe: “Stranger, do you think 911 was pulled off by our government?”
Stranger: “I don't even know what the hell 'our government' is”

The math of governing may be simple, but the reality is as complex as under-the-skin RFID. Don't get me wrong, I agree with your take on the NDAA, it's another 10 penny through the public wrist. But you gots to understand, the current situation is as looney as a toon. The coyote ran off the cliff, yet the law of gravity is deferred until he looks down. Our society is the coyote. And waking everyone up is metaphorically equivalent to everyone looking down. It will happen – but it's nothing to wish for; beep, beep, Cyprus.