Comment: Perhaps Even More Dangerous To Our Freedoms

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Perhaps Even More Dangerous To Our Freedoms

All the recent garbage about cyber-terrorism and cispa comes to mind; How cyber terrorism is a threat and just imagine if congress convened online. Then they would have a really big excuse to crack down on the net as it would impede Government operations. There is also the scenarios of someone listening in on the enemies of the state or invented enemies of the state; you decide.

Then there is somewhat of a positive thing to say about the pressure the congress feels by being in amongst their peers. think of how nasty people on the internet can be simply because they are not in the same room as one-another.

And my last case against this; let us suppose that our constitutional friends in congress ( of what little amount they consist of) suddenly have problems conferencing online because of *cough cough* "technical difficulties". So then something nasty gets passed without their input.

Here is a bonus one: Perhaps congressmen are held hostage but you can't see it on the conferencing video and they are forced to vote a certain way. Perhaps congressmen are already threatened with various punishment already, but at least we can see them on c-span and they are in no immediate danger.

I Honestly think I want my congressmen physically showing up to work for the reasons stated above.