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That's just speculation...

I don't believe this (threats). Ron Paul had a lot of visibility, so they couldn't just physically harm him without it being very obvious and disruptive. Ron Paul also for long had his own private security, so he would be a hard target anyway. This wasn't it.

And what Doug Weed said was that Romney simply threatened to run negative ads against Ron Paul (that's all). But Ron Paul had a clean career (no affairs, no corruption). So all they could do is try and throw up the racist charge against him one more time again. And that had already been played out, and wouldn't have had any new impact. So it wasn't threats that did it.

And it wasn't that he was too much of a gentleman either. He had no inhibitions about just attacking Rick Santorum, and calling him "a fake" -- yet he would not go near a fight with Mitt Romney on any issue. There is no explanation why Ron Paul ran away from his own Campaign (once the field was cleared), except that he didn't ever expect to, or want to be even the #2 guy at the Convention, much less the Nominee.

In his mind, with Victories possibly pending in some States, big crowds, and momentum clearly growing, he had gotten too close for his own comfort and it that possibility scared him. Ron Paul simply did not want to ever be President, or (sadly) to even lead any Convention movement of any kind. He never wanted that responsibility.

He really just wants to talk about bubbles and "The Fed" (which is really a private Bank Cartel) on Financial TV shows, and to speak to College kids as an "educator" and sell his books.

He had no problem asking for money from the people, but when it really mattered he didn't want to stand and fight for anything.

And remember when Dennis Kucinich drafted Impeachment Articles against Bush and Cheney, Ron Paul did not show any support. The real fights were never there.

It was a betrayal.