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He gets a lot.

But maybe, as someone suggested below, if he watches it again, he'll understand.

Waiting it.

Just listening to the end. He says he's got butterflies. He says this may be the most important interview he's done in 17 years. He feels it in his gut. "Watch it, analyze it." He says that right at the end.

"As a civilization and a species, we are in grave danger."

He'll get it. Reading between the lines, from what Corgan says, Alex is getting tired of the same old schtick (as am I with the DP). At that point, you have to pivot. Look at what Dylan Ratigan did. Pivot or die. No doubt Alex feels a great sense of responsibility. Maybe he need, like Ayn Rand's Atlas, to shrug for a bit. Take care of himself and do some thinking and reevaluating.

But I have full faith that he gets it.

He's the man.