Comment: contracts bypass the dollar

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contracts bypass the dollar

"No longer content with creating "money" out of thin air, the powers that be have decided to confiscate it from those without that privilege. Who will keep their money in a European bank now? We shall see." ©2013 - The Privateer,,, (reproduced with permission)

So, it could drive money west - that's too predictable. The information streaming in seems right, but in a way similar to Stratfor; actionable intel with a questionable or mainstream spin. The results are exactly what one would expect them to be.

This has more moving parts than I can track. Much of this could be Hegelian planning - since the ramifications are massive. Sovereign cross boarder contracts that bypass the dollar continue to gain in number and gain momentum. Several important agreements are to have been completed in the last two weeks. This could be part of the tectonic regional shifts. Look for Cyprus to seek Russian protection as a Russian Republic, new Russian base, etc. Research credit J.Willie.

The Euro prepares to split north and south. Behind the fiery facade is a conflagration.