Comment: Assemble a bug-out bag.

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Assemble a bug-out bag.

This is a backpack/rucksack/duffel bag containing 2 changes of clothes, 3 days worth of food, survival gear for whatever climate you live in, some cash, some silver, and some gold.

Find the best place you can to hide the bag. For theft protection leave about $20 in small bills somewhere close to the hiding spot. This will lead the thief to think that he's found the score and stop digging.

Also, keep an additional bug-out bag at each of your other safehouses. Put some cash and silver in the bag but hide the gold elsewhere if you are sharing the safehouse with other refugees. If you think you'll be able to return to a spot later the best option may be to leave the gold buried where it is instead of digging it up.

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