Comment: Well, yes, that's the thing.

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Well, yes, that's the thing.

Well, yes, that's the thing. We poor normal, honest people need to understand something, and spread that understanding broader in our ranks, as it's quite formidable to grasp by oneself only...

See, central bankers aren't exactly "bankers"... they are much more peculiar creatures, matter of fact.

You, me, us... we are only variables, in their spreadsheets' equations. Just like the GDP, or the IRS revenue, or this or that gov't spendings... They make their formulas as they please, and you'll never get to see those.

They have special columns and rows for their buddies, their tools, their crony corporations they manipulate, bribe, assemble or disassemble.

We really are numbers. When something doesn't add up for their own future stacking of gold... Well, they adjust the formulas, they declare the too big to fail bail out to come next, mandatorily, and that's fine since congress is clueless or accomplice anyway.

Lookup "Gosbank"... It used to be a tool of the soviets, but in the case of the modern central banks of today's western world, it's just the other way round:

governments are their tool for plunder.

The bottom line, though, remains the same, beyond that somewhat distracting implementation detail:

it's all about the subjection of entire nations' peoples by the planners, who can't create anything but plunder by economic "management". Sweat and blood sucking leeches, as they don't hesitate to integrate wars for resources, also, in their equations, quite observably. Do they, or is it a figment of our collective imagination?

Wars are good for them, too, for more harm, more chaos, horror, tragedies, resentment, hate - then calling for more misery, more despair, thus for more plans, debt, redistribution, and management to "fix" the societal issues that naturally arise from the former. Also remember they benefit from the protection of their very tool - governments and politicians, since they sustain those with the same fake money which they force onto everybody anyway (but themselves, when it's conversion time into real assets, of course, right before complete collapse).

The perfect Broken Window scheme, yup, there you have it.

Enjoy :


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