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Comment: I would say choice is the difference.

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I would say choice is the difference.

I would say choice is the difference. There is an abundance of ways to procure food and money voluntarily. There are no such alternatives to using the roads.

I think a little context would be necessary to say whether it is wrong or not.

Someone looking to tip the cart, get their tax money back, screw the system is probably in the right. They will wear the stigma as a badge.

Someone who temporarily fell on hard times may be in the right if the government has genuinely chewed up the options a free society would've provided. The stigma will encourage them to get back on their feet quickly.

Someone who just lazes about because they can get the benefits should probably live with the stigma. If they claim some ethical rationale because they are libertarian, they probably have more bullshit floating in their heads than they know what to do with.

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