Comment: First off, this is a great idea. I've been pushing forever

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First off, this is a great idea. I've been pushing forever

I had a thread going which received no traction ( ) soon after the convention. It was loosely based on the concept of the OP but had some significant differences that I believe make it much more viable.

Instead of it being a new way to vote, this simply adds a federal requirement. The feds cannot mandate how states vote. They can't tell them when or how or who to put in charge, so why fight that. Let's simply implement a system that accurately tracks all votes back to the individual. Obviously, that's not gonna work because of privacy but it certainly can be done in reverse.

First off, many people are unaware of the applicable cryptic magic this would center around. It's actually pretty easy. Computers convert all letters into numbers anyway, so I'll explain with numbers so it's easy to understand.

If I multiplied 3 numbers together and gave you only the answer, the only way you could know which ones I began with is if you knew 2 of them. People voting will know all their personal info (represented as numbers) but that's easy to obtain. By adding another random piece of info (password, vote minute of the day or otherwise), the info now cannot be figured out. Using this code is what the OP refers to as his UUID.

However, instead of creating hardware and 'systems' to make this work, we can simply give the calculation out to the public (aka the algorithm). The anyone and everyone can offer the service of generating these codes for people. Since a one step process on the same machine could be tracked, two UUIDs should be used. One to secure the personal info and the other to facilitate the vote process.

So far, this is functionally just like the OP suggestion. The difference now becomes that the people only need to lobby one tiny federal department to make a simple rule change to get it all rolling. We push the FEC to require all national votes to be presented to them in this format. Done. The process will still be transparent and the precincts can opt to buy/make equipment to do the conversion or to simply instruct their people to visit some web site (owned by anyone). If the latter was the case, all county voting expenses would be instantly eliminated. What struggling county wouldn't consider that?

So the overall steps are:
1. Register at least a month early so mismatches and low turnout can be addressed.
2. Vote at home, library, voting booth or smart phone with the UUID from step 1.
3. Email resulting code to a nationally known email address.
4. Watch results update live.
5. Verify your vote reached the public forum unaltered.
6. Make a public notice if it has been changed.