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Comment: I'm not claiming to be a genius by a long shot

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I'm not claiming to be a genius by a long shot

As for being perfect for the GOP, I never gave4 much thought if I would be perfect for the GOP. All I could really think, as stupid as I am, Is I want Ron Paul for president. Ron Paul is still a republican, and he refuses to leave the republican party (I bet you think Ron Paul is stupid too?) The harder I pushed for Ron Paul to join me as an Indy, or to compromise and we could both re-join the LP.. he refused. Ron Paul absolutely insisted that he was going to run for president in the GOP, and if I wanted RP to be president, I would have to support him in the GOP. Two years ago, I joined. It has not felt prefect. It has been a dirty fight, but it's been a good fight, because Ron Paul, to me, is a genius, and he is correct about the GOP, losing their way, and that it's a perfect opportunity to get in, which we did. It's much better now with so many liberty republicans. So, yeah.. maybe I am a perfect fit with speakers like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Justin Raimondo (spoke at the CAGOP convention) and more locally we have John Dennis.. so yeah, it's a good group to be with politically.

So I clicked on your forum handle and found a thread:

Reminded me of "another life" when I had too much confidense and lax on safety.. didn't always wear safety goggles or mask when repairing surf boards.. and I made one.. which looked great, but wasn't that great a board by comparison to others I bought or inherited or was gifted.. ine reason I moved North Coast was I didn't want to be tempted to surf.. it's the one thing I was really good at. It's all I ever wanted to do.. and I did.. and then I was beached from a sinus operation..

So anyways,, reading your comments and looking at your pictures.. now I get why you're insulting me.. you are really frustrated with your project.. looks like you have way more than $90 invested. You claimed several times that you're cheap, and fishy and a few others seems to be telling you that cheap is not the solution..of course, no one has a working aquaponic system. Everyone is building one..

The picture on your forum handle looks like raised beds with kale.


I wish you continued good luck with your project.