Comment: Lost track of all the illogical replies....

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Lost track of all the illogical replies....

So I'll post it here.

There are a couple people on here wanting to express their take on the "tyrannical" blue laws.

I love the fact that I cant work on Sunday. I can play with my little girl, spend time on family and project and hobbies. You say these laws are the government telling business what they can and cant do. I say vote on it....sales people outnumber owners 20-1. No salesperson wants this law to change.

Why are there always people who DO NOT even work in the industry that the laws apply to, always want things to change when it doesnt affect them????

So lets look at some laws in their (known) businesses.

1.)Laws that protect people in investing from fraud.

Laws that were changed to avoid predatory lending. Lets repeal those. Banks and customers should be FREE to do what ever they want right? Lets have freedom from these oppressive legislation so you can make your own choices of investments. Why arent banks open on Sundays? I want to be able to go into any bank I want on Sunday to do business. Big Donald Trump. Write your congressman and get that law repealed.

2.)Landlord/tenet laws.
Laws that protect tenets from landlords who steal rent and deposits. Laws that protect them from landlords who wont maintain their property to livable conditions. Lets do away with those laws. Im sure you would make more want that right? Im going to stick my nose into a business that means nothing to me because I think you should be able to rape and pillage your tenets in the name of profit.

Some laws are good for the people they protect. Just because you want "freedom" for other people, doesnt mean after you step into their shoes, they want the remedy that you want.