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Comment: explain what? We qualify for: foodstamps, government . . .

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explain what? We qualify for: foodstamps, government . . .

health 'insurance', probably more, and we don't use them--

but we know how much $ we paid into SS (as a couple, both working for years, one of us forever and no end in sight)--

no, we don't have a choice about food stamps, but what do *we* do, find someone on food stamps and beat him/her up--

or their little children?

It's a BIG mess, and I acknowledge that--

Spouse and I, at one point, looked into it, because we were getting desperate towards the end of a long period of underemployment (before a job break came through)--

and we realized that we had to give TOO much information out; SS is bad enough; we don't have to do that multiple times--

the system is a mess--

I don't take food stamps; I pay for them, but I (spouse and I) give food regularly to our local food bank--

so shoot us? LOL!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--