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Comment: "This voting process then

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"This voting process then

"This voting process then should not be intertwined with the states' sovereignty issues at all... To give each person an equal voice in this one election"

The destruction of the Republics... Originally NONE of the PEOPLE had the constitutional right to vote in Presidential, or ANY election except those who were granted such by their State. Now, with the invention of the United States citizens, EVERYONE over the age 18 has such right to vote. The State has no say in who can or cannot vote. This was the original design of the Constitution, it is where state sovereignty derives from. Not just electing Senators, but the ability to determine who can choose ANY federal offical. By the original means, it is possible that the States' Legislators could have decided to elect the House, Senate and President THEMSELVES without violating the constitution.

Electors are chosen for the Electoral College SPECIFICALLY to prevent the PEOPLE from electing someone who talks smooth (Obama for instance) but is in truth fundamentally wrong for the country (Obama for instance). The system was NOT DESIGNED for the people to elect the president. In the beginning several states did not even allow the people to cast a vote for their choice for president. As time went on all of them allowed such, but it is ONLY a poll, a "suggestion" from the people on who they would like. It has NEVER been binding on the States, it has ALWAYS been the States' right to choose the Presidential Electors, irregardless of the popular vote.

The voting process IS AT ITS VERY ROOT a State's sovereignty issue.

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