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Can someone help me out

Can someone help me out here....this is the 2nd time I have seen this, where the Gov't does whatever they want even after the courts ruled against it.
1)Bloomberg tries to ban sugary drinks
2)Courts say, not gonna happen, can't do it. that is illegal.
3)Bloomberg continues to move forward with it.

How is this possible and aren't the cops supposed to step in at this point.....sir what you are doing is now against the law. stop or be arrested. but no one steps in and the Govt keeps going. How is this possible and when did this start?

They just did a similar thing here in Chicago. Courts ruled that citizens can own a gun and can conceal and carry. but our lovely gov't is forging ahead regardless. how is this even possible. Why aren't poeple saying...."Um we can't put this bill forward because the courts just ruled that the people can own a gun".

How is this even possible?