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Reserve Requirements
• Banks are required to hold a certain percentage of their total deposits as CASH. This requirement ensures that there is money available to cover customer withdrawals.
Purpose of Reserve Requirements
• Because banks USE DEPOSITS TO INVEST AND LEND, the reserve requirement ensures that all of the money is not invested at one time.
Capital Requirements
• Capital requirements ensure that banks hold in CASH a percentage of the amount of money invested.
Purpose of Capital Requirements
• By adhering to this requirement, banks are able to SIMULTANEOUSLY ABSORB INVESTMENT LOSSES AND COVER WITHDRAWALS. This ratio between investments and cash also helps determine a bank's safety relative to other banks.

Reserves are CASH or CASH like instruments it doesn’t matter if they are “reserves held for withdrawal or loan loss provision”…..CASH is fungible.”

Your comment stating that I don’t know the difference between “reserve requirements” and “capital requirement” has proven to be irrelevant.

From the Fed website:
Reserve requirements are the amount of funds that a depository institution must hold in reserve against specified deposit liabilities. Capital requirement reserves help ensure that banking organizations have the ability to lend to households and businesses and to continue to meet their financial obligations, even in times of economic difficulty.

The Fed Funds market is a tool to implement monetary policy not a source of funding for the banks… you don’t really have a complete understanding of the Fed Funds market or how banks acquire funding or why reserves exist and why there are so much excessive reserves in the system right now.

Your original premise was to dismiss Tom Wood’s explanation of “reserves and loan multiply effect” as irrelevant because “reserves” could always be acquired at the Fed, which is just wrong.
And according to logic:

If “A” is a true axiom, than all the propositions that can be deduced from this axiom must also be true. For if A implies B, and A is true, then B must be true.
The antitheists of this logic is if “A” is false then everything that follows “A” is false.

And this is my original point
Reserves in a factional reserve system by definition are for the liabilities on the banks’ balance sheet and by default curtail credit expansion of assets (loans). If you didn’t have to meet a reserve requirement then you could loan to infinity and beyond.

I am sure you enjoyed this little exercise to try and impress everyone to how smart you are. I only engaged in this to enlighten people so they wouldn’t go out and repeat your nonsense. Tom Woods is 100% correct and I respect him. But if he had gotten his information from YouTube as opposed to those musty old text books he would probably think like you….if you can really call it thinking.